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Hello everyone,
As promised during the live of both 4 years of the website COCFR tournaments, guess what? We’re doing it again in February with the double tournaments but this time increasing the cash prize to 250€:
  • COCFR Cup February 2017 edition – Small Villages :
    • 16 places
    • 5 players by team :
      • 2 TH 7
      • 2 TH 8
      • 1 TH 9
    • Winning teams will win...
To celebrate their 4th birthday, COCFR is organizing 2 tournaments (TH7 to 11) and will involve a cash prize of 150€ for the 2 winning teams.

Both tournaments will involve 2 rosters of 5 players. You will find more information by clicking on this link ==> https://athleticlash.com/threads/39/

Hi everyone,

This week we'll have four events on AthletiClash:
  • Middleweight Championship is a tournament for TH8-9-10 in teams for Clash of Clans and there is only one place remaining out of four.
  • Tournoi de Susanoo is a tournament for Clash Royale and there is only seven places remaining out of eight....
Congratulation to the LeS NooBeTteS team that won the tournament!
Thanks to all participants!

Now take your revenge on the...
This tutorial was in french only !

Hi everyone,

Infernal Gamerz launch the first tournament on AthletiClash!

For more information, go to the Infernal CUP page => https://athleticlash.com/tournaments/infernal-cup-team-1.14/ (for French speaker)

Good Luck!

Hello everybody,

In the "Creation" interface, there are four modes available. The explaination is as follows:

Single Elimination

The Single Elimation determines a series of single games. This is made to fasten the competition and the confrontation of teams. It is determined randomly by the software.

To be more precise, the team that will loose his match will directly be out of the competition and only the winner will advance to the next stage...

Hi everyone,

The last weekend, we organized the Clash Cup in Paris, the first IRL tournament in the world for Clash of Clans.

It was an unforgettable moment for both the players and the spectators.

This Clash Cup has been organized by Clash of Clans France (@Menerv, LordVal, Cerise & Donatello) in collaboration with the World Gaming Federation. Animated by Trapacoc, John9418,...
Hi everyone,

Now you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to sign in on AthletiClash!
How to register in a tournament?
Please make sure you are in a club and roster that suits the needs of the tournament
  1. Go to the tournaments page
  2. Find the tournament you are interested in, in the list of opened tournaments
  3. As soon as found, if there are still places available, click on the Register button
If the tournament has not started yet and the organizers allow it, you can...
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